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Project Description

The house is located in Brookmont, a 1920s era neighborhood that is popular for its proximity to the C & O Canal Towpath and the Potomac River. Built for a family of five, the house and site were planned with careful consideration to the scale and character of their surroundings. A central sun chimney and stair hall organizes the layout of the rooms, leading to an informal arrangement of the kitchen, family and living rooms. A consistent palette of stucco, mahogany, stone and copper creates visual harmony throughout the interior, exterior and landscape.

Sustainable building systems, materials, and energy efficient features are incorporated into the house and landscape. A large rain garden that traverses the site was designed to mitigate on-site storm water management. The house uses a geothermal exchange system and a complete LED lighting system for increased energy performance. Each exterior elevation was designed with regards to minimizing solar heat gain and maximizing the daylighting of the house.

Photographer:  Hoachlander Davis Photography

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