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Project Description

This three-story rowhouse is part of a recently redeveloped residential block of fifteen semidetached houses, all built in 2002 in conjunction with the renovation of the Historic Alban Towers Apartments in Washington, DC. Following the pattern of traditional sideyard rowhouses, the property has a steeply sloping front yard setback one story above the sidewalk and a narrow north-facing sideyard entry and garden.

The existing first and second floor plans were completely open spaces, with no architectural distinction for the types of living spaces and privacy required for the new Owners. The design concept was to differentiate the various areas of the house, provide functional storage, and optimize views and natural light throughout with a series of stained wood cabinet “frames” inset in white painted columns. Careful attention was given all aspects of the interior to reinforce the design concept: new trim and casing, a new stair rail and balustrade and new single panel translucent resin doors. Warm and reflective material and color palettes of stained maple, walnut, jersalem limestone, and glass mosaic tile were selected to compliment the Owners furnishings.

PhotographerPaul Burk Photography

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