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Project Description

The Strategic Investment Area Plan for the City of Charlottesville is a unique, once in a generation opportunity to transform a forgotten former industrial stream valley and urban renewal, low income public and choice-voucher housing area into a vibrant new mixed-income, mixed-use neighborhood. Adopted in February 2014 after a yearlong community engagement process, the Strategic Investment Area (SIA) Plan is a multi-layered vision plan for Charlottesville’s former historic industrial center. Characterized today by under-utilized industrial buildings, vacant lots, and aging public and voucher housing on super blocks, the 330 acre plan area exhibits challenges with lower economic indicators in population density, incomes, education levels, and homeownership than other areas of the city. Informed by more than forty (40) community and stakeholder meetings, the SIA Plan proposes a vision and blueprint for the area that builds on the area’s history, culture, topography, and physical attributes and is structured around three (3) major framework concepts: an ecological corridor; a retail economic and community services connector; and new mixed-income neighborhoods.

Awards: 2018 Charter Award - Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU);  2016 AIA Central Virginia Chapter Award; 2015 AIA Northern Virginia Chapter Award; 2014 AIA Virginia Chapter Award; 2014 AIA DC Chapter Award; 2014 APA Virginia Chapter Award; 2014 City of Charlottesville Planning Commission Awards

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