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Project Description

Inspired by the Hindi word for dream, this house is designed to engage the individual physically with the earth and visually with nature. The site is located along a steep wooded hillside, offering western views of the park beyond. The house acts as both a retaining wall and a view aperture. Consisting of an L-shaped bar carved into the hillside and an opposing diagonal arm cantilevered out over the treetops, Kemble has an anchored, yet delicate, form that connects earth and air. Structural steel is used for the large cantilever. Open web wood joists allow for flexibility with electrical and mechanical duct layouts. Stone cladding envelops the base of the house. Stained wood siding wraps the upper volumes, contrasting the “grounded” stone bars enveloped by vegetation. The stone pavers and retaining walls provide texture across the hillside and guide rainwater down to the stream below.

Photographer:  David Burroughs; Hoachlander Davis Photography

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