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Project Description

Located on a wooded hillside overlooking the Middle Patuxent River, the house engages its surroundings by taking advantage of the 360 degree view and careful placement to connect interior spaces with the landscape. The challenge was to design a house that serves the multiple purposes of day to day living, entertaining, and multiple family generations. The result is a plan organized around a central open kitchen-family room space and is flanked by two wings that delineate the family and formal areas. Upstairs, a central master suite is divided from wings for children and guests by stair and elevator spaces which allow independent access to the bedroom level for family members and guests of all ages. A walk out basement contains entertainment and exercise spaces and connects to the more private back yard and pool. The house employs several energy efficient systems including geothermal heating and cooling, high-performance insulation, as well as energy star windows and appliances. The final result is a beautiful structure that accommodates the family’s changing needs long into the future.

Photographer:  Maxwell Mackenzie 

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