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Project Description

Located in Westmoreland County on the Northern Neck of Virginia, this residence overlooks Bonum’s Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River. The clients desired a modern, open house that could accommodate guests and family members while maintaining an intimate scale with just the two everyday occupants. The clients wanted a visual and physical connection to the water. However, strict Chesapeake Bay Act requirements and the location of wetlands on the west side of the site posed a serious challenge. The orientation strikes a balance with these constraints, taking advantage of the water view and integrating local sun conditions, prevailing breezes and existing vegetation.

The long, transparent volume contains the communal spaces (kitchen, living, and dining room) in a Great Room that terminates in a screened porch to the West. The two story wing at the East encloses the private spaces (bedrooms, study and exercise room) while allowing controlled views through windows and balconies. Tall south-facing windows in the Great Room allow maximum views of the water. Deep overhangs provide shade during the summer, while the bedroom wing and screened porch block low angle sun in Winter at sunrise and sunset.

Photographer:  Paul Burk Photography

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