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Project Description

The Ferry Street Landing Mixed-Use project is located in the City of North Little Rock, Arkansas. Uniquely positioned northeast of downtown Little Rock along the north shore of the Arkansas River, the site’s eastern edge boarders the landfall of the former Rock Island Railroad Bridge which is currently being renovated into a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge connection across the river. The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Center and Park are located at the south end of the bridge diagonally across the river from the site.

The proposed development consists of two parcels: the western parcel containing an 11-story tower with structured parking for general office, residential and retail uses, and the eastern parcel containing a 7-story hotel building with structured parking lined by conference room spaces and a restaurant. The proposed development also contains a centrally-located linear urban plaza for public use and access to the Arkansas River, as well as a future city riverfront park. Working with the general program and the client, Cunningham | Quill Architects and James Snyder Planning Consulting Services explored a number of configurations for this mixed-use, destination focused project. In the final concept, the design takes advantage of the site’s special relationship to the Clinton Library and adjacent pedestrian bridge, while maximizing views across the river to Downtown Little Rock. A public pedestrian space is created between the two buildings, giving the project and its site a further connection to the river.

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