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Project Description

The new, urban model, Safeway ‘Lifestyle Store’ is located on King Street. It replaces a former suburban model smaller Safeway store surrounded by a large surface parking lot and built in the early 1980s. The design team worked closely with the community and City to transform this western entry passageway, currently dominated by car-oriented strip development, into an urban and pedestrian friendly multi-way boulevard. The project is intended to act as a catalyst for expanding a revitalized pedestrian-oriented multi-way boulevard and urbanization of future re-development in the area.

The store rises at its most visually prominent eastern orientation to form a glazed prow delineating the main entrance and central pedestrian space. The prow provides a focal point from both the exterior and interior and brings natural light into the store. A cantilevered balcony over the main entrance accommodates outdoor seating next to an indoor cafe. The store’s façade materials include regional brick, European fiber-cement panels, and Brazilian slate. In order to meet sustainability goals, storm water management is addressed with on-site collection and filtration. The landscape design includes multiple rain gardens and plantings to capture, slow and filter water. Public art is also incorporated into the building and site design with the use of curved COR-TEN steel landscape screen walls, articulated stainless steel mesh sculptural screens along the pedestrian path from the south and colorful painted scrims. The store is on track to be Certified LEED Silver.

SustainabilityLEED Silver Certification Pending

Awards: 2016 AIA Virginia Chapter Award

Photographer:  Dan Cunningham

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