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Project Description

The Smokey Joe House derives its name from mid-century backyard cultural icons: the sprinkler, the kiddie pool, and the Weber Grill. With reverence for the existing house, the addition adds its own contemporary piece to the legacy of the residential suburban paradise, creating a dialogue between the original “Weber Grill” and the contemporary
“Smokey Joe.” The owners longed for a modern addition with more living space and a private master suite that embraces the rear garden. A narrow lot ruled out a lateral addition, while an extension to the rear threatened the backyard. The solution is a narrow, two-story ‘lever’ that frames the backyard. A tower at the front of the house marks the entry and creates a light well. The master suite punctuates the end of the addition, embracing the garden and creating an intimate courtyard.

Awards: 2009 Washington Spaces Magazine, Best of Architectural Spaces; 2007 AIA Maryland Citation Award;  2007 Custom Home Magazine Grand Award; 2007 Remodeling Magazine Renaissance Awards, Best of the Year

Photographer:  Hoachlander Davis Photography

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