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Project Description

The Terrell, otherwise known as the  Ward 1 Short-Term Family and Permanent Support Housing Facility is located at the corner of 14th Street NW and Clifton Street NW. The new 79,000GSF building is composed of 50 residential apartments. Of these, 35 are 2- and 3-bedroomapartments for families in need of Short-Term Family Housing (STFH). The remaining residential units are 1-bedroom apartments for individuals in need of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH).

The building accommodates two important but different uses: short-term housing for
families and permanent supportive housing. These two uses require different programming
and security, resulting in a proposed design solution that separates the two residential
spaces. Though the design utilizes two separate building forms or “wings,” a visual connection between them is provided by a central outdoor space. Façade materials and scale are inspired by the surrounding neighborhood. Both the brick and cementitious panel chosen ensure that the building blends in harmoniously with its surrounding context, while also providing a modern and respectful interpretation of the precedent visual language found along the 14th street corridor and adjacent neighborhoods.

SustainabilityLEED Homes and Multifamily Mid-Rise Platinum

Awards: 2021 Maryland Citation for Residential Architecture; 2021 AIA Potomac Valley Honor Award for Residential Architecture

Photographer:  Anice Hoachlander Photography

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