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Project Description


Recognizing changing needs of the congregation and its missions, the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection transformed its context with new environmental site features and the co-location design of a new church and a 100% affordable housing building (The Spire). The original church, previously located at the top of a hill, was disconnected from the adjacent boulevard by a steeply sloped incline covered with invasive plant species. A new grand site stair connects congregants, residents, pedestrians and cyclists from the boulevard below to a series of connected community gathering spaces, courtyards, and play and relaxing spaces adjacent to the new church and the affordable housing. Drought-resistant non-invasive native plantings on a series of hillside terraces replace the previous invasive species. Permeable asphalt, reinforced turf geofabric porous paving and green roof planted areas now replace previous extensive areas of impervious paving and hardscape.


The organizational framework of the new church is designed around two primary cross axes, the lower height north-south narthex lobby axis and the higher east-west parish hall-sanctuary nave axis. The one-story administrative office and support spaces surround the two larger raised volumes of the east-west axis. The sanctuary nave volume engages the incline of the hillside at the top of the slope. The church tower captures morning and evening light. The parish hall incorporates a slightly inclined raised roof form creating an invigorating, open environment for discussion and reflection. Glass folding partitions at the intersection of the nave and parish hall and narthex open to connect both spaces, allowing for larger gatherings on special occasions. Despite a limited budget, a new dynamic church full of light was created, reenergizing an established parish.

SustainabilityEarthCraft Light Commercial Certification

Awards: 2022 Faith & Form Design Award for Religious Architecture, New Facilities

International Religious Architecture & Art Award - Partners for Sacred Places, Faith & Form Magazine and Interfaith Design - The American Institute of Architects

Photographer:  Allen Russ Photography

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