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Project Description

This eight-story multifamily podium-style building with 113 family affordable dwelling units is located on North Beauregard Street in Alexandria, Virginia. The building developed by AHC, Inc. is constructed on a site donated by a church (The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection - ECR) to further their mission to support the creation of affordable housing. The multifamily building has a two-story stacked community room and exercise room with floor to ceiling glass walls adjacent to the building entrance and an open corner and terrace. The affordable multifamily building is designed to 100% universal design. The building is designed in a U-shape to create a park-like courtyard for residential use which is elevated three stories above the street corner. A new church (ECR) is included at the end of the open courtyard and shares outdoor space with the residential building.

SustainabilityEarthcraft Gold

PhotographerAllen Russ Photography & CPI Productions

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