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Arquitectas al Sur - AIA DC's 4x4 Lecture Series

On January 24th, AIA | DC’s Design Excellence Committee held the first lecture in their 4-part series highlighting the work of South American women architects. In this series, the spotlight was on Architecta’s: Barbara Benson of La Estudio Berson Arcquitectura, Monica Bertolino, Paula Lavarello of Zas Laverello Arquitectos, and Ines Moisset of Un Dia | Una Arquitecta.

The event started with a panel discussion by each architect discussing their design process. Varying building typologies and the importance of site-specific solutions support the building program, use of materials, light & air, and joy. Ines Moisset, spoke about the adversities that female architects of the past are owed.

“A lot of the presented research and information we have access to today was transmitted by 20th-century women who had their work omitted from architectural history because of male dominance decades ago. For example, think of Louis Kahn who retracted authorship of the Philadelphia Tower whose defining features and characteristics are also majorly attributed to Anne Tyang”

The lecture concluded with a questioning period for the Architectas. Questions and answers were about the progress women have made in architecture, which is accelerating today.

We thank the AIA DC Design Excellence Committee for this inspiring seminar, as well as our very own John Michael Day AIA, LEED BD+C, who serves as the 2023 AIA DC Design Excellence Committee Co-Chair.


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