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Cunningham | Quill Architects Receives its Seventy-First AIA Award

Cunningham | Quill Architects received its 71st AIA Award on Nov. 4th, 2016 at the Visions for Architecture Gala at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia during the conference Architecture Exchange East. These 71 AIA awards represent over twenty years of recognized design excellence, across a broad spectrum of project types. Over the course of the year, Cunningham | Quill Architects has been honored with eight AIA awards for a variety of project typologies in the Mid-Atlantic region. In achieving this milestone, we are proud of the work that our team has achieved this year - continuously innovating and developing architectural design solutions that not only build community, but also provides a transformative experience for our clients and users.


AIA Central Virginia, Merit Award Strategic Investment Area Plan, Charlottesville, VA

One of 13 awarded projects from 28 submitted entries.

Strategic Investment Area Plan, Charlottesville, VA

“The Strategic Investment Plan thoughtfully addresses a variety of key planning issues, including the following, which the jury thought worthy of award: extensive community engagement in the planning effort; neighborhood-scale ecological planning and green infrastructure including stormwater management; connection to existing successful urban space (the Downtown Mall); appropriate urban density and scale of development, relative to existing context; integration of multiple types of open space to support community activities and growth; consideration of the appropriate mix of retail, housing, and green space that can make for successful urban environments.”

~ AIA Central Virginia Jury

AIA Maryland, Citation Award in Interior Architecture R.I.S.E Demonstration Center, Washington, DC

One of 25 awarded projects from 129 submitted entries.

R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center
Juxtaposition of Old and New in Renovated and Restored Chapel Interior, Now the Lecture Hall
“The design team’s use of lighting and transparency results in an inviting space that reorganizes the existing footprint into a strong conceptual planning strategy… [The] use of color as a formative wayfinding device that contrasts the white walls and white ceilings and forms a sequence of thresholds that orient and guide visitors through the structure toward the high-tech programs that it contains.”

~ AIA Maryland Jury

AIA Northern Virginia, Merit Award in Institutional Architecture

Dumbarton Oaks Fellowship House, Washington, DC

Four of 38 awarded projects from 124 submitted entries.

Courtyard Addition with Detail of Copper-Clad Residential Bays
“[We] really got the impression that everything was purposefully done and purposefully detailed as a complete work of architecture from the exterior to the interior.”

-Juror Joshua Coleman, AIA

Merit Award in Commercial Architecture

House of Lebanon, Washington, DC

Detail of Contemporary Skin Modifications to the Original 1971 Gymnasium and Classroom Addition
“This project is one of those projects where it’s just got to be extremely rewarding for all those involved. It’s an incredible opportunity for the school to bolster their facilities and create some new spaces.”

- Juror Joshua Coleman, AIA

Merit Award in Commercial Architecture

The Hyde, Arlington, VA

Corner of Front (South) Elevation Highlighting Private Unit Balconies

“This project spoke to all of us. It was just simplicity and the clarity.”

- Juror Thomas Kosarek, AIA

Merit Award in Historic Architecture

Tucker Hall, College Of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA

Detail of New Library and Study Area at the Restored Cupola
“We love its integration of the historical details with the new and the old. The attention to…the way the bases are handled. The way the millwork is done at the top of some of the columns. The shaping of the ceilings.”

- Juror Joshua Coleman, AIA

AIA Potomac Valley, Merit Award in Institutional Architecture

Dumbarton Oaks Fellowship House, Washington, DC

One of 9 awarded projects from 63 submitted entries.

Ground Floor Garden Room Crisp and Bright Interiors Create a Welcoming Environment for Fellows
“A very thoughtful addition and renovation to a rather modest, but historic, fellowship house for Dumbarton Oaks. The design respects the original simple geometry, but the additions, both in plan and section, turned the old place into a fresh new building. Respect, restraint, and some nice simple additions.”

~ Juror Ted Flato, FAIA

“I appreciated the simplicity of resolution to the complex geometry of the site. The project doesn’t try too hard, and rather focuses on providing a wonderfully thoughtful and holistic design solution that is consistent at all levels from planning to detail execution.”

~ Juror Ryan Jones, AIA

AIA Virginia, Honorable Mention for Excellence in Architecture Lifestyle Safeway, Alexandria, VA

One of 19 awarded projects out of 146 submitted entries.

View Towards the Pedestrian Courtyard Created at the Prow of the New Building
“This is certainly an honor the firm deserves, in light of its commitment to design excellence and its contributions to the architecture profession.”

~Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA Freeman Morgan Architects was the Associate Architect on the project.

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