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Precast Concrete Construction & Parking Garages

Precast Concrete Construction is a system of construction where the major structural elements, and often the building envelope, are comprised of concrete columns, beams, panels, and other elements which have been formed, poured and cured offsite at a precast facility, and are then transported to the building site, are craned into place and connected to the foundation and one another onsite. This system allows for the production of precise structures under quality-controlled conditions in the factory and quick assembly in the field, but requires careful preplanning and coordination by the design team and precaster to account for all the other building systems and elements and goes together seamlessly.

Cunningham | Quill has utilized this system for several parking garages, including at Vy Reston Heights (2016) and the Entertainment & Sports Arena at St. Elizabeths Campus (2021) and for a faceted façade at the forthcoming Florida Avenue to provide our clients efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions.


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