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Renovating Your Home Post-Pandemic

Since March 2020, when Covid-19 turned our lives upside down, we are still spending a lot more time in our homes. Now in this third year since the pandemics’ inception, the DC area is seeing a slow shift of people back to the office. As of August 2022, the Rockefeller Institute of Government reported that 51% of people in the DC metropolitan area are still working from home (in 2019, this was 5.9%).

The pandemic has changed how people want and need to use their space. Between working from home, Zoom, school, and multiple generations living under one roof, the previously popular open floor plan isn’t ideal. Instead, people are craving creative ways to achieve privacy and separation. Guest bedrooms, attic and basement spaces, and carved-out corners of living spaces are being transformed and given new life.

Before and After: A Single-Family Garage Renovation

Homeowners are also taking advantage of DC’s Zoning changes and adding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). We are currently adding an ADU to an existing garage for one client while building a new ADU for another. This is yet another way to gain valuable multifunctional space with the benefit of privacy.

Access to the outdoors also became a priority. Outdoor space is also an opportunity for additional workspaces. Select green areas mixed with landscaping, vegetable and herb gardens, screened porches, firepits, and secondary dining areas are seeing a resurgence.

"The pandemic has had a permanent effect on how people work and live. We’ve learned. We’ve adapted. And now our homes should too."


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