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Revitalizing The Anacostia Historic District

With the implementation of The Historic Anacostia Vacant Properties Surplus Declaration and Disposition Authorization Act of 2018, the Cunningham | Quill team partnered with the L’Enfant Trust to preserve the beauty of one of Washington, D.C.’s historic neighborhoods.

The Anacostia Historic District

Anacostia’s significance is reflected in its designation as The Anacostia Historic District in 1973, and through its placement on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Preservation Law requires a design review process to maintain the character of these old buildings.

The Historic District boasts a significant number of wood frame buildings, slowly abandoned and decrepit. Lack of development led to a shortage of housing for teachers, health care workers, firemen and policemen who face the inequities of the area’s market rate. In turn, limiting these community leader’s housing options further. D.C. Law 22-379 conveyed ownership of 4 properties in the Anacostia Historic District to the L’Enfant Trust, to bridge the gap community members face with workforce housing.

3 Photographs Each of 1518 W Street, 1326 Valley Place, & 1648 U Street, before being rehabilitated by Cunningham | Quill
Photographs of the Properties Existing Conditions Prior to Being Rehabilitated

Working with L’Enfant Trust’s Historic Properties Redevelopment Program

The L’Enfant Trust’s HPRP acquires and rehabilitates severely neglected homes that are facing demolition. The HPRP reflects the communities’ efforts, returning affordable housing back to the community.

In serving the Anacostia neighborhood, the four properties the Cunningham | Quill team rehabilitated experienced various degrees of deterioration including boarded doors and windows, cracked and peeling finishes, as well as fire damage on site. Through extensive work, Cunningham | Quill delivered in providing workforce housing to households whose total income does not exceed 120% of the Area Median Income.

Photographs of 1518 W Street, 1326 Valley Place, & 1648 U Street, after being rehabilitated by Cunningham | Quill
Photographs of the Rehabilitated Properties in Anacostia

Cunningham | Quill rebuilt the houses where necessary, along with appropriate additions to match the original footprint. New work included new interior and exterior framing, insulation, lighting, finishes, and also new mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. Presently, three properties from the initial 2016 acquisition are complete. To view an account from the developer’s side, as well as the importance of community engagement in these efforts, view here.

Cunningham Quill is very proud to be a part of this effort that ensures beautiful historic homes are preserved and new affordable housing opportunities are created for families of Washington, D.C..


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