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Cunningham | Quill Celebrates 20th Year Appreciating Design with Inaugural 2015 Design Dialogue

In March, Cunningham Quill began our 20th year practicing architecture, urban design, and planning in Washington DC!  We’ll be celebrating this anniversary with different events throughout the year.  We began with the launch of our new 2015 “Design Dialogue” series of design-related speakers and events both within and outside our office.  To kick-off this series, Cunningham Quill was invited to a special tour of the Hot to Cold exhibit at the National Building Museum led by the lead curator, Susan Piedmont-Paladino.  Hot To Cold: an odyssey of architectural adaptation by the international design firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) is an exploration of BIG’s design solutions for some of the hottest and coldest parts of the world shaped by their cultural and climatic constraints.   Ms. Piedmont-Paladino graciously showed Cunningham Quill through the entire exhibit consisting of more than sixty 3-D models suspended  from the third floor balconies of the Building Museum’s Great Hall.  The tour was especially rewarding as we were able to learn unique background information on BIG, the projects exhibited, and behind the scenes exhibit conditions.  Thank You to Ms. Susan Piedmont-Palladino and the National Building Museum for hosting our inaugural Design Dialogue series.

Hot To Cold at the National Building Museum

Suspended Models at the Second Floor Gallery of the National Building Museum


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